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Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Design - Vladimir Karpov

Vladimir is a single, 30 year old metrosexual and a very successful romance novelist. He's always wanted to write stories that people enjoyed but his parents wanted him to be a stock broker. They thought that writing romance stories was ridiculous and embarrassing. To Vladimir, the stock market was such a boring subject that he didn't care much about it. But he endured taking economics/marketing classes just to satisfy his parents and dishonor them in any way. Now he's very knowledgable about stocks.

In his senior year of college, he joined an amateur writing competition under the pen name, Rose Wimbleton, so that his parents wouldn't find out about it. He was surprised when he found out that he came out with first place for his short story. This started giving him connections and also led publishing companies to give him opportunities to write novels for them. He jumped on that chance and is now currently writing the on-going four-parter series: Dusk, Full Moon, Blackout, and finally Morning Light. He still kept his pen name to keep secrecy. He spends a lot of time avoiding his parents and family functions by making up silly excuses and saying he's busy working on "stocking and stuff" so that he doesn't reveal his true occupation. His struggle is always trying to dodge his parent's questionings about his job and his lifestyle. Also his editor always tries to get him to reveal his true identity because they could be making more money and have more exposure if they had author autograph promotional events and readings.

Vladimir is pretty smug and thinks he's smarter than everyone else. He doesn't like to be proven wrong. His personality makes it hard for him to find a girlfriend since he's very picky. He is extroverted and always says what's on his mind, no matter how rude or truthful it really is. That makes him very hard to be friends with. His editor is one of few that can deal with him, Vladimir doesn't really have any close friends. He's pretty opulent because his books sell very well among housewives so his wardrobe is filled with expensive clothes and accessories. Vladimir owns various designs of sweater vests and he wears a different one everyday. On weekends, he goes to his regular hair salon and gets his white streak touched up. He thinks it makes him look unique. He also lives in a very nice New York apartment furnished with the most modern furniture and artwork.

Vladimir wants to keep his body in shape so he rides his bike at parks in his free time. He doesn't wear his helmet because it would mess up his perfect hair... but elbow and knee pads are okay. He doesn't like pain and tries to avoid it at all costs. He winds down from a busy day at home by drinking some red wine and watching t.v. Before falling asleep, he likes to enjoy a good mystery book. He wears large reading glasses because he is farsighted.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Spring 2011- SPLAT

This is my final for the spring of 2011 called Splat! The texture for the hair is watercolor. I don't like some of my cuts I've made but all in all I like it. My character does not catch a break...

Anyways enjoy!